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Some of our writings on design have been published as whole documents or as portions of other books. Here is a list of some, along with descriptions:

Mind Hacks bookWhat is Information Design?

Art Insititute InSite magazine, August 2010
Interview of William Bardel by InSite magazine for an article titled "Finding the way through information design."
Read the original interview in full>>>


Mind Hacks bookMind Hacks - Tips and Tools for Using Your Brain

Tom Stafford and Matt Webb editors, O'Reilly Press, 2004
Mind Hack article #22 "Depth Matters" by William H Bardel.
This book provides an accessible and organized overview of cognitive and perception mechanisms. Each chapter explains a different mechanism and offers experiments for the reader to try in order to notice them firsthand.


Depth Cues for Information DesignDepth Cues for Information Design

William H Bardel (Masters Design Thesis CPID 2001)
Housed at Hunt Library, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA, USA
Environmental cues trigger our sense of depth, and influence form, organization, attention. We may apply the cognitive science of visual perception to design more effective communication.
Download Depth Cues for Information Design (448KB PDF)