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Communication writing books

book image
Designing and Writing Online Documentation, 2nd ed.
by William Horton, New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1994.
This book covers how to organize topics, linkages and many other elements related to structuring online content. Really focuses on copywriting as an important design element.


book image Designing Visual Language
by Charles Rostelnick and David D. Roberts, Needham Heights: Allyn & Bacon, 1998.
A book that tries to cover slightly too much ground, but has useful nuggets relating to content writing and organization. Covers topics of perception, text design, layout, and iconic images.


book imageMapping Hypertext
by Robert Horn, Washington: MacroVU, Inc., 1998.
Mapping Hypertext is about structuring information so that it is accessible (with special consideration on the impact of hypertext linkage). The book focuses in particular on Horn's own development of the Information Mapping Method, a set of tested organizational rules used to clarify communication. At times pedantic, but brilliantly useful (and logical).


book imageStandards for Online Communication: Publishing Information for The Internet/World Wide Web//Help Systems/Corporate Intranets
by JoAnn T Hackos , Dawn M. Stevens, New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1997
Clear, practical advice. Familiar human factors concepts, but explained particularly well. User expertise profiling explanation is especially good with account of design research's value to product development.