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Crediting policy &
Content use agreement

Crediting policy

Images, text, templates or any other intellectual property from this website may be referenced for non-commercial/academic purposes in accordance with current Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines for crediting see When citing Luminant Design in your work, we ask that you send us either an electronic or hardcopy as a professional courtesy. Publishers or press entities seeking images or text for commercial publication must contact us to obtain permission and/or high-resolution images prior to use.

Content use agreement

By downloading images, text, electronic templates, or any other intellectual property from this website of any form (hereafter called Site Materials) you accept to be bound to the following agreement regarding their usage:

1. You SHALL NOT resell or repost Luminant Design Site Materials in any form, including but not limited to display as part of another website, book or any other electronic and/or written collection
2. You MAY email Site Materials to others provided that such email is not part of any formal electronic publication or distribution list
3. You SHALL NOT hotlink to Site Materials. Hotlinking is linking to someone elses website's files so that the content is hosted on their server, but the content appears on or as part of your website. This is also called bandwidth stealing. We have pursued people for this before and will do so again.
4. You SHALL NOT link directly to PDFs, EPS or other Site Materials. You MAY link to the web page on which links to Site Materials are shown. As a professional courtesy, we ask that you contact Luminant Design before you link because we'd simply like to know who's linking to us.
5. You SHALL NOT repurpose, use, or display Site Materials in a disparaging, misleading or defamatory way.
6. You SHALL NOT use Site Materials as part of a proposal, marketing package, or work solicitation without prior written permission from Luminant Design
7. You AGREE to hold Luminant Design harmless for any legal action resulting from your use of our Site Materials as part of your work. You agree to assume all legal responsibility for use or misuse of our Site Materials in the event of legal action. In the event that Luminant Design is drawn in to legal action resulting from your use, you agree to pay all related legal costs and all for time involved in our representation and/or defence (at our hourly rates).
8. Luminant Design reserves the right to terminate your use of its Site Materials at any time for any reason. Luminant Design reserves the right to modify the conditions of this policy at any time.

– Last updated 10 January 2009 –