-Information design
-Wayfinding and sign design
-Information graphics
-Data visualization
-Brand strategy and identity


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Our experience ranges from small graphics for magazines to large, multi-million dollar signage systems.
People hire us to make complex things easier to understand.


Luminant Design expertise
Annual report design
Branding & identity design
Brand strategy & development
Data visualization
Design strategy
Environmental graphic design
Exhibit design
Information architecture
Information design
Instructional design
Infographic design
Graphic design
Graphic system development
Product communication strategy
Product communication design
Signage design
Wayfinding design


Supporting your growth and success

Luminant Design’s services are focused around communicating clearly to bring understanding. We tailor our approach to each project, but specialize in the following service areas:

info thumbInformation design

Graphic communication strategies and systems with a focus on information clarity
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signage thumbWayfinding and sign design

Sign systems and environmental graphics to define, enhance and navigate physical spaces
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diagram thumbInformation graphics

Visual explanations with diagrams, maps and infographics to better share ideas and information
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data thumbData visualization

Visual representations of data and statistics with annual reports, data sheets, charts and graphs
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identity thumbBrand strategy and identity

Strategic creation of distinctive visual brand identities, backed by graphic standards and manuals,
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