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Brand strategy and identity services

Rise above the crowd

Great opportunity exists in today's evolving, connected markets, especially for those with a clear, consistent brand that covers both image and experience. A successful brand identity is a banner that motivates, attracts trust, loyalty and serves as your strategic roadmap for growth.

Working as your partner for repositioning and development, Luminant Design's creates effective brand strategies forged from careful research and discussion of your offerings, audience, message, market position and future state objectives. With these important assessments, we construct clear visual identities that evoke your core principals and emotionally engage your audiences.

Luminant design staff have created successful brand strategies and compelling visual identities for businesses both large and small. Along the way we've performed brand audits and research, developed strategy and identity manuals, and designed comprehensive identity applications from print collateral, to signs and environments, to online presences and packaging.

A brand strategy and identity design can

• Define and refresh a company's vision
• Bring your brand story to life
• Amplify your message and elevate market presence
• Inspire creativity among staff
• Reposition for expansion or evolution
• Build a path to excellence

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Benefits that increase sales

• Distinct, expressive look increases market presence versus competitors
• Consistent, unified look builds customer familiarity and trust
• Coordinated visuals and experiences convey your values for greater customer understanding

Benefits that decrease costs

• Strategic understanding of who you are brings greater coordination of efforts
• Identity and values definition that motivates employees with clear purpose

Brand strategy and identity design offerings

• Brand auditing
• Competitive auditing
• Brand strategy development
• Brand identity and logo design
• Brand strategy and identity manuals
• Rebranding

Sample work

Real Grass Fed Beef image

Real Grass Fed Beef

Genji Restaurants image

Genji Restaurants

Greenville Day image

Greenville NY branding banners

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VCT identity rebranding

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