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Data visualization services

Clarity to reveal important meaning

Making data meaningful involves showing comparisons that reveal relevant scale and context. Luminant Design creates data visualizations both large and small. We provide the means to visually distinguish yourself from the Microsoft Excel crowd with innovative, custom charts and data structures that combine data clarity with pleasing aesthetics.

Our visualizations are message driven. We work with you to find the visual form that corresponds best to your message objectives for each chart, graph or other data visualization structure. Luminant Design's data visualizations have ranged from annual reports and charts on consumer trends to comprehensive guides on fuel economy statistics for all vehicles sold in the United States. Our work has been used by major U.S. magazines, businesses and entrepreneurs.

Data visualization can

• Reveal big picture trends for an informed, broader perspective
• Demonstrate operational transparency
• Provide self-directed tools for analysis, understanding and empowerment

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Benefits that increase sales

• Clear, memorable explanation improves audience understanding and activation
• Showing rather than just telling increases the level of trust
• Providing self-directed tools to empower audiences increases engagement and message retention

Benefits that decrease costs

• Efficient visual summary reduces presentation density and quantity
• Better data understanding improves efficiency & effectiveness of strategy discussions

Data visualization service offerings

• Annual reports
• Visual guides
• Charts, graphs, maps etc.

Sample work

ADA image

Signage and 2010 ADA Standards

VEFG image

Visual Fuel Economy Guide

GPCA image

GPCA annual report

go image

SOCC annual report