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Information design services

Make information accessible and useful

To effectively inform your audience, you need communication that is clear in structure and visual form. Information design involves organizing information in ways that improve its understanding and use by a broad audience.

Luminant Design's primary practice is information design for clarity. Through an integrated approach involving research, strategic messaging, graphics and copywriting development, we transform complex needs into clear, attractive assets that show ideas, reveal truths, and empower people. Luminant Design does this on an individual asset basis, or we can develop entire graphics systems for roll out across your many communications channels.

Information design can

• Plan effective communication strategies for information
• Make ideas and information more accessible to audiences
• Prioritize and streamline timely audience access to key information
• Support and demonstrate service with a "customer-centric" focus

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Benefits that increase sales

• Clear, understandable design improves visual appeal
• Clear, robust organization & structure improves reading, activation and use
• Better informed audience improves their understanding and decision-making
• Increases in perceived ease-of-use yields greater trust and brand fidelity

Benefits that decrease costs

• Strategic systems view of communication enhances decision making
• Improved communication coordination helps streamline expenditures
• Improved communication asset function increases effectiveness

Information design service offerings

• Information clarity auditing
• Competitive communication auditing
• Information strategy development
• Copywriting and editing for clarity
• Graphic communication systems design
• Information asset design (publications, signs, web presences)

Sample work

ADA image

Signage and 2010 ADA Standards

REMO image

REMO EMS website

Portland image

Portland wayfinding signage

go image

VCT identity rebranding

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