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Information graphics services

Compelling visuals to explain and persuade

To tell your story and persuasively explain your ideas, services and spaces, you need clear, compelling visuals. Luminant Design creates information graphics that attract people to your message and help them understand its value. A rich, visual presentation translates into greater audience attention, memory and activation.

Luminant Design has helped businesses and entrepreneurs explain their ideas through the design of custom diagrams, maps, and other infographics, Our past work includes software & hardware diagrams, transit maps, infographics and charts.

Information graphics can

• Tell a story with visual appeal
• Clearly explain complex ideas
• Persuasively present a point of view
• Describe a concept or system that otherwise can't be seen

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Benefits that increase sales

• Clear, memorable explanation improves audience understanding and activation
• Showing rather than just telling increases the level of trust

Benefits that decrease costs

• Efficient visual summary reduces presentation density and quantity. A picture is worth a thousand words.
• Better customer understanding reduces customer support service needs, allowing for greater service focus

Information graphics service offerings

• Information graphics
• Diagrams
• Maps
• Software & system diagrams
• Transit maps
• Physical maps

Sample work

Real Grass Fed Beef image

Dubai technology illustrations

Genji Restaurants image

Global technology outsourcing diagram

Greenville Day image

Product Lifespan diagram

go image

POS .NET software diagram

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