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Wayfinding and sign design services

Reveal your audience's surroundings

To help people interact their environment, you need clear, consistent signs. The potential value to signs goes beyond simple identity and navigation, providing opportunities to direct audience behavior, establish a mood and transform mundane space into a fresh, memorable place with character. Luminant Design offers both wayfinding strategy and sign design services, including development of navigation, exhibit, interpretive, regulatory signs and environmental graphics.

Luminant Design staff have designed signs, sign programs and wayfinding strategic master plans for a wide range of environments, including airports, subway, bus transit, cities, plus interpretive and donor recognition signs. As an independent design firm, we provide quality assurance with the option for oversight of fabricator bidding, production and installation.

Wayfinding and sign design can

• Unify a space through a common identity
• Establish a character and mood for an environment
• Create a memorable sense of "place"
• Improve awareness of surroundings and offerings
• Reveal "hidden" stories about places, structures and objects
• Facilitate navigation through an environment
• Improve building accessibility, efficiency and traffic flow
• Support and demonstrate service with a "customer-centric" focus
• Compliment the architecture of a built environment

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Benefits that increase sales

• Improved perception of "place" builds greater trust and brand fidelity
• A clear, "friendly" environment increases duration and frequency of use
• Greater awareness and direction improves traffic to underutilized facilities

Benefits that decrease costs

• Greater coordination improves customer service efficiency and effectiveness
• Understanding to reduce systems support for greater customer service focus
• Clear, understanding improves environment navigation and efficiency

Wayfinding and sign design service offerings

Luminant Design's wayfinding strategy services involve developing standards and effective plans for navigation routing, sign location and sign messaging. Our sign design services include sign structure development, sign graphics and design documentation– all in coordination with the local architecture, branding, and maintenance considerations.

• Wayfinding auditing and evaluation
• Wayfinding strategy development
• Routing & navigation planning
• Sign location planning
• Sign message programming
• Sign and environmental graphics design
• Interpretive and exhibit sign design
• Nomenclature and numbering system development
• Map and directory development
• Iconography and pictogram development
• Design intent documentation
• Sign manual development
• Construction administration

Sample work

Real Grass Fed Beef image

Portland Oregon pedestrian wayfinding

Genji Restaurants image

Dulles International Airport wayfinding

Greenville Day image

Greenville NY branding banners

go image

Norristown Transportation Center signs

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