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How design adds value

Good Design is a Competitive Investment

To win and retain customers in a competitive world, you must communicate in a clear, memorable way. This is easier said than done. Information can be complex, concepts can be confusing and audiences often expect something interesting and relevant amid a daily bombardment of competing appeals, marketing pitches, viral campaigns and social network alerts.

Rising above this noise requires a design strategy. Luminant Design offers a fresh perspective through smart, systematic planning. We partner with you to understand your business goals and communication problems and we offer tangible solutions (strategy manuals, signage, packaging, publications, websites) that exhibit an intelligent blend of creativity and practicality. Visual communication is a powerful asset that adds value.

-Added value: Economic savings

Design adds value through economic savings. Through design strategy and planning, Luminant Design can reduce your expenditures by making your communication more efficient. You save money by aligning your products and communication materials into a more systematic approach. The result is streamlined production, communication and maintenance by way of better coordination across your organization.

-Added value: Performance enhancement

Design adds value through enhanced performance. Through design development, Luminant Design can clarify expressions of your organizational message and procedures, making your products and services more effective as timed, functional communications. You operate more effectively by projecting your presence and ideas in an accessible, relevant manner. The result is better understanding for action and engagement by your clients and customers.

-Added value: Time savings

Design brings value through time saved. Through specifically designed assets, Luminant Design can reduce the support demands that customers and clients place on your staff. You benefit from more time to better focus on those critical customer experience touch points that are important. The results are less operational stress, improved customer relations and space to grow your organization.

-Added value: Liability reduction

Design can save lives, it's absence can also be be a hazard. Through our understanding of communication and interaction issues, Luminant Design can develop clear, unambiguous communication to address hazardous situations and environments where there is potential legal liability and code compliance. You improve awareness of critical information by offering relevant, clear instructions. The result is less potential for accidents and less legal exposure to lawsuits by clients and customers.

-Value beyond style

Luminant Design's ability to add value goes well beyond "make it pretty". Through considerations of ergonomic function (human factors), emotional response (psychology), aesthetics (style), and economy (fabrication cost, transmission, action) we offer a successful design process that reflects a multi-faceted way of thinking about how to improve your products' and services' harmony with your business strategy goals. We are your partners for clarity through design.