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-Information graphics
-Sign programs
-Data visualization
Signage & 2010 ADA Standards
Elastic Path Software charts
Visual Fuel Economy Guide
GPCA Portfolio annual report
Center City annual report
-Identity programs
-Website / software

Data visualization & annual reports

Below is a sample of some of data visualization and annual report work done by our staff:

Signage and the ADA-ABA Accessibility GuidelinesSignage and the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design

U.S. gov't standards for accessible sign design and placement
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Elastic Path Software chart imageElastic Path Software trend report charts and chart graphic standards

Consumer behavior data by a Vancouver, B.C. software firm.
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Visual Fuel Economy GuideVisual Fuel Economy Guide

Fuel economy (miles/gallon) and annual cost for all 2007 vehicles sold in the United States
See this project>>>


GPCA annual report Greater Philadelphia
Cultural Alliance
annual report

Financial and attendance records for Philadelphia cultural organizations
See this project>>>


State of Center City State of Center City
annual report

Area business, crime and social statistics for the Center City District of Philadelphia
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