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Our Hudson Valley office is surrounded by nature

Sustainability focus

Design with more care

For reasons of both economic efficiency and social benefit, we believe that design should consider all aspects of lifespan, from the cradle to the grave. Many of our clients are environmentally-focused businesses and organizations seeking to leverage sustainable design to achieve business success.

Our own steps

As we've designed recycleable sign programs for green urban buildings and crafted environmental explanatory infographics, we have come to embrace this same spirit of better environmental responsibility in our office:

• Our office systems are 100% powered by on-site renewable solar energy.

• We are part of the PurpleAir network of sites for monitoring outdoor air quality.

• We green commute and work remotely as much as possible.

• We source green office products and systems (recycled paper, LED lighting).

• We specify recyclable, FSC-certified sustainable and other green materials for projects when applicable with our clients’ goals and budget,

• We recycle and also directly compost 95% of our office materials on site, depending on which is more environmentally efficient.