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Luminant Design Privacy Policy

– Last updated 19 January 2011 –
Personal and project information you share with us is done in trust. Luminant Design respects your privacy and undertakes effort to restrict unnecessary access to your information and data. The following outlines our policy regarding personal and/or project information that we may receive with you in connection with our services.

Personal and/or project information

Luminant Design does not sell/share the following information with Third Parties:
• Technical or Financial information related to operation
• Technical or Financial information related to bids, proposal or estimates
• Specific methodologies not found in the public domain
• Personal contact information not found in the public domain such as on a company website (e.g. private email addresses and cell phone numbers).

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

Luminant Design will sign non-disclosure agreements upon request by clients, prime consultants, teams or consortiums. NDA requirements should be identified immediately during initial contact to afford appropriate time for legal review. Once work is in the public domain Luminant Design will display images of the final work product with appropriate crediting, unless contractually prohibited as part of the NDA.

Use of personal and/or project information

Luminant Design only uses personal and/or project information for:
• Use during a project for correspondence and fulfillment of contractual obligations
• Notification of an expiring subscription with opportunity to renew
• Survey contact after a project to inquire of the effectiveness of a deliverable
(Contract clients only) Contact listing as a professional reference regarding work performed by us, unless prohibited
(Contract clients only) Limited, periodic inquiry concerning additional work opportunities, unless prohibited.

Conditions where personal and/or project information is shared with Third Parties

Luminant Design only discloses personal and/or project-related information to:
• Comply with legitimate legal directive, such as a subpoena, summons or court order
• Comply with U.S. state and/or federal law.
In the event that we are compelled to disclosure your information we will notify you of its occurrence unless prohibited by law.

Confidential information storage security & safeguards

When Luminant Design receives identified proprietary or confidential information not found in the public domain, we secure it with physical / electronic safeguards. It is the obligation of transmitting party to identify at the time of transmission all and any such information as being of a proprietary and confidential nature. This identification includes the clear marking of such information as being proprietary and confidential and/or accompanying such information with a cover letter clearing noting its confidential status.

Destruction of Personal and/or project information

Luminant Design deletes and destroys personal and/or project information of completed projects after a period required for accounting purposes. Document destruction is done in a full and secure manner (e.g. overwriting/shredding/burning). If you prefer Luminant Design to return hardcopy records, please notify us in advance of transfer of the final project deliverable. We may, at our discretion, seek reimbursement for postal costs if we deem them to be significant in relation to the project's original fee.

Changes in Privacy Policy

Luminant Design reserves the right to change the terms of its privacy policy at any time as part of continued refinement of its office practices. Luminant Design will notify parties of active projects regarding all and any changes to its privacy policy. Parties involved in past or inactive projects should check this page periodically for revisions to our policy.