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Privacy policy

Policy date: April 22nd, 2020

Personal and project information you share with us is shared in trust. Luminant Design LLC (hereafter referred to as "Luminant Design") respects your privacy and undertakes effort to restrict unnecessary access to your information and data. The following outlines our policy regarding information that we may receive from you in connection with our services and website. If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please contact us through email, phone or by mail at 988 West Road, Greenville NY 12083.

Personal and/or project information we collect

In the course of communications and operations, Luminant Design may collect and receive personal and/or project from you. This includes personally identifiable information (name, email, phone number, credit card information) and project details (project data, RFPs, reference materials, etc.).

This information is collected when you correspond with us by phone, email, or fill out a form on this website. Luminant Design may use third-party technologies such as Google Analytics to track website user navigation. Please contact third parties for details on how the track  processes and use data, and respond to data tracking blocking requests. If website tracking is of concern, we recommend you periodically delete your browser’s cookie cache or discontinue use of the website.

By using this and other online properties and portals of Luminant Design and corresponding with us, you agree that:
• You authorized and have the legal right to provide such personal and/or project information to Luminant Design
• You are of legal  adult age.

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

Luminant Design will sign non-disclosure agreements upon request by clients, prime consultants, teams or consortiums. NDA requirements should be identified immediately during initial contact to afford appropriate time for legal review. Once work is publicly accessible and/or published, Luminant Design will display images of the final work product with appropriate crediting, unless contractually prohibited as part of the NDA.

Use of personal and/or project information

Luminant Design uses personal and/or project information for:
• Process and issue proposals, estimates or bids in response to project inquiries.
• Notifications and announcements, such as for newsletters, communicating an expiring subscription with opportunity to renew, or communicating availability of products and services.
• Project negotiation and execution. This includes information use for correspondence, review analysis and fulfillment of contractual obligations.
• Survey requests for performance and data analysis purposes.
• Internal analysis, research and development.
• (Contract clients only) Listing as a professional reference for work performed by us.
• (Contract clients and project inquiry parties) Limited, periodic inquiry concerning upcoming work opportunities.
• Human Resource communication, information review and processing.


Except where so noted within this privacy policy, your personal and/or project information is not shared outside Luminant Design and its design teams or project partners. Luminant Design only discloses personal and/or project-related information to:
• Share information with its project partners under the terms of an NDA agreement for a project team.
• Comply with legal court order, such as a subpoena or U.S. state and/or U.S. federal law.
• Law enforcement notification for perceived threats.
• Perform certain Human Resource operations (such as reference and background checks)

NOTE: Personal and/or project information held by Luminant Design is considered a business asset or as part of company business records and as such may be shared to a Third Party in the event of an ownership transfer of the company.

Confidential information storage security and safeguards

When Luminant Design receives identified proprietary or confidential information not found in the public domain, we secure it with reasonable physical / electronic safeguards. It is the obligation of transmitting party to identify at the time of transmission all and any such information as being of a proprietary and confidential nature. This identification includes the clear marking of such information as being proprietary and confidential and/or accompanying such information with a cover letter clearing noting its confidential status.

Please note: Information transmitted to Luminant Design in an unsecure manner such as through email or internet web form is subject to possible interception. You are solely responsible for the security of information you send and hereby indemnify Luminant Design from any and all liability. If you wish to send information securely, please contact us.

Destruction of User personal and/or project information

You have the right to request to review or delete personal information held by Luminant Design and/or to opt out of future notifications. Please contact us to make such requests and indicate the specific information involved. Luminant Design will make a good faith effort to fulfill your request and cease use of your information, but we cannot guarantee a purge of every instance of your information in our systems.

Luminant Design periodically deletes and destroys personal and/or project information after a period required for accounting purposes. Document destruction is done in a full and secure manner (e.g. overwriting/shredding/burning). If you prefer Luminant Design to return hardcopy records, please notify us in advance of transfer of the final project deliverable. We may, at our discretion, seek reimbursement for postal costs if we deem them to be significant in relation to the project's original fee.

International Users

Luminant Design and online properties are located in the United States. International (non-U.S.) users are solely responsible for any and all information provided to Luminant Design and any and all compliance requirements with the local laws of their countries. By providing personal and/or project information to us you hereby indemnify Luminant Design from any and all liabilities arising from the resulting actions of such information transmittal and use.

Changes in Privacy Policy

Luminant Design reserves the right to change the terms of its privacy policy at any time and such changes will be effective as of the date posted. It is the responsibility of parties interacting with Luminant Design to check this page periodically for posted policy revisions. Continued use of Luminant Design’s services and website constitutes acceptance of privacy policy changes. Cease interaction with Luminant Design through this website, its other online properties and communication portals if you do not accept these changes.