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Trail map

Ski trail map

Windham Mountain Resort Trail Map

The importance of trail maps at ski resorts

When a new visitor encounters a ski resort’s trail system for the first time, there is often great apprehension about what trails offer a safe experience within his/her ability level. Beginner and intermediate skiers are particularly nervous about finding themselves on trails that are too difficult. Getting scared and stuck on a trail can ruin a skier’s day –and the chance for a positive resort experience to be shared with others. Many ski trail maps focus on providing too much detailed illustration of a mountain at the detriment of clearly communicating trail connections and skill level.

A better trail map by design

Luminant Design designed a trail map of Windham Mountain that taps into the clarity of subway system mapping. By stripping away information that is unimportant to the skier and simplifying the presentation to common lines and angles, the actual trail system is clearer. Color-coding of difficulty level is reinforced by the degree of angle. It is easier for skiers to immediately recognize what whole areas are most appropriate for their personal skill level.

Date: March 2020