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Brand identity

Signage design services

Building spatial understanding

Signs and other architectural communications offer powerful opportunities to shape the way how people use and experience an environment. The right architectural form and sign message can augment space accessibility, understanding and meaning. We see architectural communications as your opportunities for better wayfinding, branding and storytelling.

Luminant Design offers world-class expertise in sign design with a track record that includes completed programs for campuses, high-rise building developments and mass transit systems. As an independent design firm, we provide quality assurance with the option for oversight of fabricator bidding, production and installation.

Building the right message, right place, right time

Cost-effective sign programs and effective space use depends on having good information in the moment. Luminant Design’s “Bright Pathways” methodology to sign design includes intelligent routing flow analysis to predict sign needs to efficiently shape their timing and your visitors’ path of travel. Among many things, we consider how sign position, aesthetic style, consistency, nomenclature and form language all impact positive experiences and communication trust.

Design partner to architects and planners

Luminant Design values sign harmony with a built environment’s character and has worked closely with leading architects and landscape planners on sign programs –in fact our staff used to work inside architecture and engineering firms, so we well understand the importance of architectural fit. Signs should appear as an extension to the larger aesthetics of a built space and the client identity.

Accessibility knowledge

As the author of an industry-recognized visual summary to the U.S. ADA sign code, Luminant Design is a regularly sought-out design consultant on sign accessibility matters.

Master standards

Luminant Design offers a unique advantage with its sign program documentation. As  specialists in information design we include a high level of detail in our design intent documentation and specifications for sign programs. This includes clear instructions on both foundational elements (nomenclature, typography, color, message, physical forms, details, etc.) and application (sign location plans, message schedule, specifications). We provide standards documentation that empowers you with tools for future expansion.

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